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Umbra Hooded Scarf is glitching thru the operator face


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I've noticed a bug in the cinematics where the operators face can be seen thru the umbra hooded scarf sometimes, it's a little part of the chin and I've tried different face combinations, the face I'm currently using is the 18th face with secondary nr 3. it's nothing major but it may be an easy fix with making the scarf snapping to the shape of the face, the places I have seen it out of place is when Umbra push you into the wall in the sacrifice, when you have fallen down the cliff by the big ayatan sculpture in the war within and also some of the "dialogues" with the queen when you describe the time aboard the zariman.

If pictures are needed for common locations please contact me on the same email I'm signed up on or on this thread

I'd love to talk to you soon


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