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Please refine some of the Clan/Dojo stuff. Mostly Dojo stuff.


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First of all I'm playing on Xbox One, but something tells me that these are not vastly different on PC and PS4.

I've been having a lot of frustrations managing my Clan's Dojo and to a lesser extent the Clan itself.


I'm starting off with the Clan (not much here):

  • First of all there needs to be a detailed description for the Roles you can set on the Hierarchies. Here. Some of the are pretty self explanatory, but some I have no idea what they do exactly.
  • There should be an additional Role that allows someone access to the researches the Clan has. This is for when a clan recruits a bunch of people and they are basically "On Hold" and you want to see who you want to be part of the clan so you don't want everyone to have access to the clan's Research.

Now for the more frustrating part. Dojos:

  • The base for Atmospherics decorations must not be invisible. Of course I'm talking about only for when you are editing the decorations. Because I placed a Snow Falling, donated all the resources and the next day I wanted to move it to test it but I had a hard time finding it.
  • Managing decorations. This is got pretty annoying pretty fast. I mean, take a look at this. There actually is one of those rhombus every 1m (Thank you for having Grid Snapping). That means they are touching each other, but I can only select some of them because the others are too close.
  • When trying to select the rhombus of an Atmospherics decorations, only the top half can be selected until it is highlighted which then you can select the entirety of it.
  • Moving decorations is restricted by other objects. Basically when you are moving an object, it is tied to your cursor. That means that if your cursor meets an already placed item, the one you are holding can't move past that point. That gets frustrating when you are trying to make something very specific and you try to clip objects together, usually out of the Natural decorations. I understand though that's in place to not allow for objects to be placed outside of the room's walls. This kind of reminds me how Forge was in Halo 3 but then they changed it at Halo Reach into Forge 2.0.
  • Managing Rooms. This is another big one. Basically I wanted to redesign my dojo but I can only destroy the Clan Halls from biggest to smallest. Meaning I can't ever destroy the starting one. I had another problem where I set up the Halls in random places just as a placeholder and couldn't delete any of them but I figured it out.

Apparently these "problems" have been around for at least 3 years, so something tells me that nothing is going to change and this post will be ignored.

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