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Just Reached Rank 11, Got Heavy Impact Mod.


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Today was a good day fellow Tenno. I wish you all equally good luck in your own search for awesome things and such! I currently own, or have owned almost every weapon in the game now, only ones I'm missing are the most recent primes (Orthos, Bronco, Fang, Braton, Paris), and the Lanka, which I have the BP for, just need more Control Modules.


Just thought I'd say stuff, having a good day today.


signed keep it ninja fellow Tenno.

Zylo the Wolfbane

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I am about to hit rank 10 do i really need every weapon in the game dor 12 or can i get away with it? I have every frame maxed, and plenty of weapons. i just don't wanna get into a loop where i am logging in to get a control mod and set a new craft on a fieldron xD

I still have a handful of weapons in market to make but i am avoiding the ones requiring plastids bc i am saving plastids for clan weapons.

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