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Other people can only see your operator loadout "A" on your profile


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As the title says. I noticed this only today. I had my C operator loadout equipped, and a guy asked me what im wearing. Told me im giving him wrong information, that my operator even had completely different colors. I tried swapping between the loadouts, making him refresh my profile each time, and it turned out he was able to see only my A loadout. This occured only with the operator, while the warframe colors were refreshed properly. I asked the same question multiple people in region, and they were able to confirm it. I also asked another guy to equip his C loadout while i described the one on his profile, and it turned out the issue was the same for him. 

I asked 4 more people if that matters.

Also, unlike warframes and weapons, you are unable to change order with operator color loadouts by dragging the letters ABC.

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