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Mag Magnetize Conflicts


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I was unsure where to set this topic, so here it is. Recently after Fortuna release Mag can no longer magnetize enemies under certain affects (that I've came across, there may be more) such as Khora's Strangle dome, Nezha's Divine spears and also when enemies are rag dolled under her Pull skill. What ends up happening is she loses energy and nothing happens. Its quite problematic as one, she loses energy for no gain and two, it disrupts quick plays and set ups. Before the Fortuna update it was working fine, but after, this started to occur. 

But any who, please take a look at this issue, as a "connoisseur" of Mag it really ruins the gaming experience with her.

On another note, laser like weapons, (so far rattleguts, arca scisco) doesn't really add anything into Mags's Magnetize bubble. Is that a design flaw? What does that say about opticor and her bubble?


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