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Tennobaum and bad plat?



Someone was saying that during Tennobaum players risk having their accounts banned if they happen to receive gifts from someone that has "bad plat".

Is this really a thing? If so, how do I make sure no one can send me gifts? Or am I safe since I'm on a console?

I always assumed this was a PC problem, but saw some posts of PS4 players being banned for bad plat not long ago, so I don't know anymore if that is still the case.

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8 hours ago, (PS4)xtharbadx said:

Is this really a thing?

Sadly yes. (There have been countless threads about this issues some years ago)

If you get a gift from someone who has "bad plat" you'll get charged...and if you don't have any plat or end up in the negative you'll get banned.

The only option to prevent this is by changing the settings to Friends or Nobody


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