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Wts Godly Tombfinger Riven

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10 hours ago, UnderGround_Toy_Dealer said:


212.4 dmg

120.7 MS

73.7 FR

-72.2 Ammo max


You have to right click on the image -> open to new tab ->  then F5/ or if that doesn't work, Click on the URL again and press enter again (Manual refresh) 

Is the pic not showing? It displays it on the post for me - anything I can do to make it show up?

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22 minutes ago, UnderGround_Toy_Dealer said:

If you have discord, Post a picture to any discord chat/Server and use the link that discord gives you, 

that's seems to be the only way it works 100% of the time 

Thanks! I updated the image 🙂 I hope it works

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