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Moa Glitch/Bug


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I just went to build a Moa, after a bought two more robotics slots, consisting of the following parts:
Oloro Moa
Alcrom Core
Harpen Gyro
(the one and the only bracket available across all platforms) Drimper
I've double and triple checked, I have one open slot and I'm being told "Cannot Build, not enough space in inventory"
I checked the other two Moas and confirmed they each take up only one slot in case that was the issue, I've left Thursbie/Legs' shop and then opened the menu again and I'm still seeing this issue, I can't confirm if it's one of the parts or if it's a glitch/bug with the inventory system any help/fix would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read through this rather "hollow" bug submission.

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