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Prime blueprints disappearing one by one


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Text copied from Reddit post

So first off, I'm a collector. I like to have 2 blueprints of each prime item even after I already crafted the said items. It should not come off a surprise that someone like me who opens relics very frequently has a bunch of prime parts that are not vaulted. This week, however, I noticed that my oberon prime blueprints (frame and chassis) have disappeared (instead of 2 I had 1 of each). I know damn well that they're some of the most common items available right now. I also noticed I'm missing my paris prime bp.
But here's the cherry on top: when I was opening lith relics yesterday, I got a burston prime blueprint which is another common drop I get at least 3 times weekly. I fully remember how it said I own 2 of them so I chose someone else's drop, but when I got into another game moments later, someone else got the same blueprint and it said how I own 1.

I don't have any visual proof, I haven't been tracking the time when I noticed I'm missing blueprints (apart from the Paris prime bp from yesterday, that was between 18:00 and 21:00 CET, 15th of December) and I can't replicate the issue when I want to (I don't even know how it happens). After posting this thread I'll be keeping track of info from every fissure game should it happen again.

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