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Stalker Glitching, Inaccessible and Inescapable


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I was just playing on Enceladus, Saturn, for the first time and Stalker spawned for me. I was very excited as he had not spawned for me in solo yet. I had him down to half health and everything was going well, until I somehow knocked him off of a platform and he proceeded to land on a small outcropping, where he stayed. He then began to use his warp/teleport ability (not sure the name of it, the one where he warps you and deals damage) on me over and over and over again. This is where I tried to escape from the position for a couple of minutes to no avail, taking unavoidable damage with no access to Stalker and no way for me to get out of the situation. The scenario was extremely frustrating and disappointing. I feel cheated out of a rare encounter and possible rare loot.

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