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Does The Daily Reward Stack?


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Hello i have a short question? does the Daily rewards stack? (the platium ones)

Because today i got the 20% for 2 days. now, what happen if i get another 20%? or 50? or even 75??? (i know the chance for that is pretty low or even not possible...) But what will happen if i get another platium daily?

And if they stack, what happen, if you have the 50% 2 days and next day the 75%?? O_O

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*Stack and no they don't, you'll most likely expire your 20%/25% discount before you get a 50%, and if you happened to get a 50% or 75% discount I'd imagine it would then override the current discount offer.


Plus you may also notice you don't seem to get these rewards if you log in everyday, sometimes you have to have a 24 hour break so it resets your log in rewards to cycle the discounts back into the reward wheel.

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