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Tanking With Mirage?!! 😮 [Experiment]


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You can choose to read or just watch the video below.

From the majority of the play-styles and builds I have seen, they seem to be focused around avoiding damage. But I was bored and decided to try out a build with Mirage to see how much damage she can actually take before it becomes "too much to handle". This experiment involved messing with the stacking and scaling of EHP (effective health points). With all the latest mods and items in the game, there is a lot of potential for some crazy EHP. Test was done in the MOT, Void. For those that do not know, enemies there have a 300% damage multiplier to their attacks. Anyways, here is what I did in a MOT survival (tested up to 1 hour & 20 minutes)


Eclipse (3rd Ability)

Used this for the 95% damage reduction. I was mainly standing in a decent sized area that was considered to be "standing in the shadows" the whole survival.

Sleight of Hand (2nd Ability)

Since this experiment involved standing in the shadows the whole time, I was not going to get the damage bonus of Eclipse much unless I stepped away from the dark area. And of course, in a survival mission, you do have to try to keep up kills. So to compensate, I used her second ability to make the jewels blind enemies. Enemies take 8x more melee damage when blinded

Mods & Arcanes

I stacked this with as much defensive mods as possible to build EHP. Adaptation, all armor mods like Steel Fiber, Armored Agility, Gladiator Aegis, and health mods like Vitality, Gladiator Resolve and 2 Arcane Guardian sets. Also note that for healing my Warframe, I do use Magus Elevate.

The Result

Well, tested up to 1 hour and 20 minutes in the MOT, soaking up damage from Bombard rockets and everything else barely even making much of a big dent. I left at that time because i was just getting tired. Not sure how far this build can go in the MOT until damage starts to one-shot Mirage but I am curious now. Who knows, maybe someone else may find out.  


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I feel like another approach might jave been just as if not more effective.

Primed flow + quick thinking with umbral intensify and fiber would likely given you everything you needed letting you fit more memes, I mean ideas, into upping your damage like hall of malevolence. All the operator/arcane stuff still being good.

All that said Mirage is the frame to watch come fortuna pt. 2.

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