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Wish switch migration did NOT include progression


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I wish switch migration didn't include progression.

Instead it should link and award all platinum purchased items on both platforms in the past and future.

While it's too late to do that from the start, i hope they put a deadline on the progression migration, and only offer perpetual purchased item linking.



The current migration offer is creating a catch 22.

I can migrate most everything, but only once. As a PC centric player, my switch will fall behind minutes after i migrate it. Which means the optimal thing to do is migrate as late as possible. However, there is no published deadline i can find for the migration. So I've not migrated yet.

Because I'm planning to migrate whenever a deadline IS published, progress on the switch seems pointless, because I'm going to blow it away with a migration later.

So I'm suck in a catch 22, not able to enjoy playing the switch version. Not willing to buy anything, or put effort in to do anything non trivial.


It also seems lame to be in the switch community knowing those at the top just converted over their high mastery pc accounts. I want the pride of earning my switch progression on the switch, but the current system makes me feel like a dumbass for doing so, when so many will just convert their way into endgame.

For all of these reasons, i wish the switch conversion did NOT convert progression... 

Sadly, that ship has sailed, and already the top players are PC migrates.

I get that DE wants to let PC players convert something. IMO, it would be much better if they only converted platinum purchased items - slots (weapon, frame, loadout, incubator, etc), potatoes, forma, and frames (unranked!). This would give me something on switch for my investment on PC, without removing the pride of progression achivement on switch, or the fun of re experiencing the game. 


In fact, they could link the accounts so any plarinum purchased items, even in tge furure, are always awared on both platforms.. that would give me the greatest inventive to migrate now, play on both, and spend wherever i needed it.






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2 hours ago, xX-Kuro-Xx said:

While it's too late to do that from the start

This was never in the cards. It's not how PS4 workled, it's not how XB1 worked. One time migration, no way for the two sides to interact beyond that single time. No plat purchases can cross over.

If there was no progression that migrated, literally nothing would and there'd be no point to having a migration. The point is taking your one system and moving your progress to another, so as to be your primary way of playing Warframe, from now on.

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