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Freezing on Cetus



I have a very low-end rig, one that can't even run Warframe if it's not through Steam.  It's less than potato.  It's peanut.  I have my graphics settings on the lowest possible levels across the board, and all graphics tweaks turned off.  As you might be able to guess, every time I go to any "hub" -- Cetus, the various Tenno relays, etc. -- it lags.  Though it's always fine until I pass a certain point in the area.  When that happens, the game hard-freezes, and then I have to kill the game through the task manager.  Ambient sounds still play, but no matter how long I leave it to load, it doesn't.  It just freezes.

The particular issue I'm asking about is Cetus.  I can putter my way to Konzu and talk to him, but the issue I'm posting about doesn't arise until heading to the plains.  There's a place between the first two doors leading to the plains, where you can hear water.  Every time I try to go past this area, the game freezes, and the graphics won't advance, but I can stll hear the ambient sound.  And as the others, no matter how long I leave it to load, it never does get over this freeze.  When this happens, as mentioned above, I have to hunt the game down in the task manager to kill it.

If I can't get through Cetus, I can't unlock the node behind it, and I'm to understand that the node behind it is rather important.  Anybody know how I can fix this problem?

I should also warn that "get a better rig" isn't a thing that can happen.  Fixed incomes suck.

Really, I don't expect there's any way to fix it that doesn't involve me needing to buy something I can't afford, but I figured I'd ask anyway.  Maybe there's something I haven't tried.

Edit:  Confirmed that it does indeed happen on Fortuna as well, when heading to the Vallis.

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