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Kitgun disappear during mission


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i had this only in onslaugh missions so far and it might or might not be related to the zone portal transitions. last time i noticed this at once, was when i was using the kitgun (RATTLEGUTS + HAYMAKER + SPLAT) firing at enemies while running into the portal and than coming out of it with my primary weapon equipt instead. switching back to the KG didn't work anymore but to melee did (as well as to anything else equipable too). using operator mode, dying or jumping into an abyss did not fix it either (like it does sometimes when a weapon seem to be "locked" - which happens still too often during eidolon hunts...) - also several zone transitions didn't help bringing the weapon back.

there where no drahk master in any zone that could have "disarm" me, so that isn't the reason. beside the zone portal, the used "pax charge" arcane might be a factor too or, that i went into the portal just about the time when i fired the last bullet out of the gun - meaning the ammo count was zero and this might have triggered the "auto-weapon-switch" in the moment i entered the portal... so my guess, the combination of arcane, portal, auto-swap and bad timing is the problem - sadly, i wasn't able to reproduce this on purpose so far (likely because the timing is hard to do).

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