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Tchat Clan Unfindable


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Hello Everyone !



What I am about to say is not an new issue from the patch note. Or I don't think so because I had the same problem several days ago, before the big patch.


So like the title say, I have a problem with my "clan tchat" ... I just can't find it anywhere. Shouldn't it be just around the "Region / Council / Recrutment" tchat ?


I know, you're going to say : " Are you sure you really have a clan ? " and the answer is : I think yes.


Why " I think yes " ? Because I'm not a "pro gamer" ( for the moment :p ) and I lack a lot of knowledge, so I'm not sure if a clan leader can just "invite" someone in, just to see the clan and let him/her use the labs ... But the fact is that I can go in a clan, and use all the rooms. The other thing I thought about was simply that the clan leader have to enable it ... But for those both things it's just hypotesis and I don't know the answer.


I tried to ask in game, on the different tchats I can use. But no answer, or just things like " You just don't have clan ( idiot newbie you are ) " .





I hope it's gonna be ok/fix soon, or just make me feel more newbie telling me some secret way to deblock it, but I really would like to have it <3

PS : I'm really sorry for my english. It's not my native language at all, and sadly, in France, languages teaching is not as good as in other countries.



Edit : By the way ... I'm a steam user, if it can be of some sort of clue.

Edit2 : I tried to search on the forum for related topics with the keyword clan chat/tchat bug/problem but I didn't find anything :s I'm really sorry if the same topic is somewhere else.

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Well you can easily check if you are in a clan.

Did you have a clan key, is it still active / there, no? Well then you aint.

In your contacts if you click on the clan part, is there other people in there, then you are in a clan.


I don't know if it has been changed, but anyone could invite anyone into the clan dojo, and it was possible to use the rooms. Seeing how i haven't used this option to invite someone into the dojo for a while.

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I'm so so sorry.



I effectivily had a clan key. I was able to go in the clan dojo, but that was all.


Now, I know why and it is thanks to you.



So, my problem was simply about the fact I didn't "accept" the invitation to the clan. So I don't understand why, but I was able to make and use the key without being properly in the clan. I just found it when you spoke about the "Clan member" on my contact, which I never saw. So I try to find some clue and fall on the "clan" section. That's where I found that I didn't accept the invitation.


So, I don't know if it's normal, if it's a bug. But I was able to fully use the clan dojo without accepting ( nor refusing, just letting it be ) the invitation. I just didn't have the clan tchat and member on my contact.



Well, I think we can close the subject so ?

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