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Optimum settings for network?



I play from Canada and I have set my region to North America so region isn't an issue. I'd like to think that my internet isn't top notch but it should be good enough, although it does fluctuate a lot from 7 mbps all the way to 50 kbps. 

What I wanted to ask was that the game has a lot of network settings like ports and ping which I admit I don't really understand, so if anyone can let me know what settings to keep that would be a great help.



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So first I'll ask this: Are you in an Apartment or condo building? The reason for this is why you might find your speed so varied. If your game is over wi-fi in a very channel filled place it can cause a lot of lag and connection drops. My wife and I play literally feet from each other, but if either of us are on Wi-fi only one of us drops every few missions causing 'Host Migration' among other problems.  As for optimal settings I'll write what each  gameplay setting is doing for you, but I'll skip the top four and the 'gore' setting as they are obvious in function.

Region: Your in NA already, which is good but you can connect to other regions for trading and groups depending on your time zone/ play timing during a day.

Matchmaking Ping Limit: Setting this lower will try and connect you to a lower ping host, or set you as host more often based on many thing. I prefer to have it set for 250, but 300 is the default. At 250 I still get stuck in 500 ping sessions now and then.

PC Type: This is a bit misleading. What it is really asking is do you have a gaming rig (Desktop), or a non gaming rig (Laptop). Leaving this as Auto is usually a good bet, but setting it to laptop will have you host less. This info is via the forums here so might not be 100% accurate.

Legacy Color Palettes: Really it changes some of the older color pallets look to be how it was displayed in older versions. Turning this on can Alter the pallets to be a bit wonky in coloring, but Fashion frame is end game.

Enable UPnP/Enable NAT-PMP: Router details and some google searching will let you know what these do. Dealing with firewall, DMZ, and access though routers and firewalls. Leaving them on is usually a good idea unless you know what you are doing. 

Network Ports [UDP]: More for multiple people on a single network. Changing the ports to be different then another on your Home network allows your connection to not be interrupted by packet drop and such between DE's servers, your computer, and the dozens if not more servers between them. Sharing the ports with someone in the same home who is also playing Warframe can cause client drops, network not responding, and some other issues.

Analyze Network: Will tell you to use UPnP and NAT-PMP or not. also to help test your connection as you play with firewall settings.

Link/Unlink Steam Account: Obvious for this one, but it allows a shared steam account to be disabled off a Warframe profile.

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