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Hints at things existing (or having existed) in Warframe universe


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"Once used by ice-pirates against Corpus caravans on Europa, this cold-blue Quanta is highly sought after by collectors."

Baro had the Quanta Aufeis skin this time, and I've been thinking about the description. 

The moment I saw the description (I missed his previous visits with it) Europa suddenly felt much more interesting as a place. It makes Warframe's world feel more lived in.

Knowing that ice-pirates exist or have existed on Europa really intrigues me. What kind of people or groups live around the rest of the system? We of course have the big factions, but the world would feel empty with just them being around, wouldn't it?

Being a sucker for this kind of stuff, I'd really like to know more about these things. I'm interested in hearing about similiar things mentioned in game, and would definitely love to see more in the game to let my imagination run wild.

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