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Strange How The Damage Is Calculated After Each Mission?



Here's what I noticed whenever I join someone else's party.


For an example, I joined to help a buddy with the defense mission. He's an Excalibur, using a rank 30, unpotatoed Braton without the Split Chamber mod. Meanwhile, I'm a Nyx, using a rank 30, potatoed Strun Wraith with all the damage and multishot mods. 


After roughly 20-30 mins later, we made it through those 15 waves with just the two of us. We both did pretty well considering how overwhelming the number of Grineers can become with each progressing wave. Most of the saving and reviving was due to Nyx's cliche Chaos ability.


At the mission result screen, I've killed close to 250 kills, while my buddy killed around 110. Here's where the funny statistic popped up: my buddy dealt 75% damage (110 kills) while I dealt just 25% (250 kills). Those numbers of kills and damage just doesn't seem to make any sense. lol :P


Anyway, has that ever happened to anyone here before?


I'm sharing this just for the giggles. :3 

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I was told that the damage is calculated based on the average percent of damage you did per enemy based on your kills, not total kills between the squads which makes those percentages make a lot more sense. I guess it's mostly to see who was kill stealing or just finishing mobs and who was actually doing all of the damage to the mobs they were killing.

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The damage percentage isn't calculated properly.


Also, when using shotguns it doesn't record all the damage shown, if you notice there aren't enough numbers on screen when fired off-host. As host it records fine, but not so much otherwise.


I've had games where I've had ~400 kills, and done about 10% of the damage, it happens.

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