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War status and crit build



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"Standard" hybrid melee

(Primed) Pressure Point, Blood Rush, Berserker OR (Primed) Fury, 2 Dual Status (for Corrosive), Combo Counter mod, 2 slots

The slot can be used for more damage with (Sacrificial) True Steel to reach >100% crit with atleast 1.5x combo counter, Primed Reach for range, or 90% elemental mod to help strip armor. 

Other options are Condition Overload and Primed Heavy Trauma, but Heavy Trauma is better on lower levels.

Pure Damage

Replace 60% mods with 90% mods

Crit Build

Use Gladiator mods


If you use Valkyr (especially with Augment), you can replace Berserker with 90% elemental mods.

Edit: Forgot about Maiming Strike, you can use it with Blood Rush since it's still broken.

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Maiming Strike
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