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Wts mods,prime parts,rivens,etc

(XBOX)Terra x Aqua

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Open to all offers message me on xbox for a fast response




Arcane rage r0-offer

Arcane awakening r0-offer

Ash prime chassis

Ash prime neuroptics

Bashee prime neuroptics

Trinity prime set

Arcane scorpion helmet for ash -rare-pm offers 



Aklex visdo-(+8.4% cold,+23.6% damage)

Hate croni-scipha-(+17.4% slash,+12.3% heat,+8.1% attack speed,-0.9 combo duration)

Lato crita-hexatak-(+18.6% crit chance,+10.9% status chance,+5.9 reload)

Opticor arma-critatox-(+8.2% toxic,+5.2% magazine,+14.9% crit chance)1 roll

Opticor critamag-(-14.7% weapon recoil,+26% crit chance,-3.5% zoom)



Adhesive blast

Ambush optics

Anemic agility

Animal instinct

Armored agility

Barrel diffusion



Blood rush r3

Body count r3

Cats eye

Charged shell

Chilling grasp

Chromatic blade

Convert lethality



Healing return

High voltage

Mecha recharge


Power drift

Quick thinking

Split chamber


Offer message me on xbox 

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