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Switch vs XBox Controller Button Mapping


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Has anyone else been trying to play on the Switch and PC/Xbox with a controller?

Muscle memory is killing me switching between the control schemes which should be the same following UX guidelines.

Reversing the A/B and X/Y buttons is utterly maddening


Why, with the switch port, were buttons not mapped to match the Xbox on the Switch Pro controller?  I'm assuming button selection for the Xbox/Pc were chosen after studying motion efficiency,frequency of use.   On the switch, at low levels, I've been killed so many times by the electric shock from accidentally existing a cipher because I hit B instead of A on the switch controller.

It would be really nice to be able to interchange platforms without having to retrain  myself every time I pick up the switch.

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Follow-up to my own post and why this should be fixed...   I just accidentally purchased Baruuk from the market on PC (with controller) because I've been playing on the switch a lot lately... 

This button mapping difference between switch and PC now has financial consequences that I think DE should address.


At the very least on the Switch, have an OPTIONS setting to swap the AB/XY buttons to match PC/XBox configuration.

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