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Glaives Bug - Ivara


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After see the Electrify stat of Falcor's Glaive, I thought... Why Not use 2nd Ivara skill to have another method to kill eidolons a little unusual? I saw Videos where it works with Talons, Castanas, Sancti Castanas.. But When used Falcor and redirect the glaive to the eidolon parts, the Glaive comes back not dealing Dmg, literaly not appear Dmg dealed. I don't know If there is updated the Hitboxes in any point, or if there is a bug. If there is the 2nd choice, I hope this will fixed to bring players more uses to weapons that nobody usually uses! Ptd: The Falcor actually only works when Eidolon's parts are gone, when you need to kill the body entire. Fix the 2nd throw skill Ivara + Falcor to do dmg! :D

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