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[Suggestion] Augment Slot + Secondary Modpage


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  • Make Augments usable in the Exilus slot OR add a dedicated "Augment Slot" in which the Augment wouldn't have any capacity cost.
  • A "Secondary Modpage" where you can put in all those Mods that nobody really uses, for more "personalized" builds. That page either has no capacity consumption or a different pool entirely. Available for everything that has mods. Maybe except Arsewing? Unlocked either by maxing out the Rank, Forma or Mastery Rank.


Greetings fellow Tenno,

as we all know, we have A LOT of mods. But only a few are really being used (Vitality, Intensify, etc.) or so called "Essential Mods". And since their mods, they take up precious modslots/capacity. While on the other hand mods like: Intruder, Heavy Impact, Flame Repellent, Battering Maneuver, Antitoxin, Natural Talent and MANY more see barely any usage if any.

In a Devstream (i can't remember which), they talked about that issue in some way or another... either that or i was imagining things again. Either way those mods need to get some love!

I'm talking about a "Secondary Modpage"! Now what do I mean by that? Well as the name implies it is a secondary modpage, hence the name, duh. It is accessed by pressing a little arrow on the main modpage of your "Config A" for example. (I only have MS Paint so PLEASE bare with me)


After pressing that little arrow you will switch over to the secondary modpage of your config a:


From here you can add all the "Secondary" mods like the Drifts, the specific damage reduction mods, exilus mods, and all the minor set mods that nobody really uses except the ones like Augur Reach/Message/Secrets and Gladiator Resolve/Finesse/Aegis and so on. Or to make it short: mods that would make your Warframe/Weapon substantially stronger, you wouldn't be able to place them in the second page. Otherwise it would just break the game (not that it is already broken...)

Other Attributes of the secondary page would be: no consumption of modspace or a secondary capacity pool. So you still have your main modcapacity unaffected by the second page.

Is it unlocked from the Beginning? No. Since that would just add another layer of confusion for new players (probably). Either it would be unlocked at Rank 30 or after applying 1 forma, but i guess that would mean like a "forced" forma in some way. Or after reaching a specific Mastery Rank for example 18, since it would add another goal to work towards. Or/And you would unlock a new secondary mod slot with each MR rankup from 18 upwards to 26 making a total of 8. Since there is really no need to go beyond MR 16(?).

The second page would also be available for your Kavats/Kubrows/Sentinels, since Fortuna we got a new assortment of mods, but yet again. No modslots, so you would have to choose between having a Kavat that can buff you and do all sorts of tricks and dies in a couple of hits and deals no damage or a Kavat that is a one-trick-pony but can take/deal some damage. You get my point.

Of course you can still place the secondary mods in the main page.


Moving on.


A dedicated Augment Slot. Do i need to say more? I know some will say that will never happen, same could be said with vacuum for Kavats/Kubrows and now look what we got: Fetch. So if we demand it enough it will happen eventually. eventually. DEAR GOD PLEASE!

Now what does it are? Well, as the name hints at, a DEDICATED augment slot. A slot where you can put in a augment, and only a augment. The Augment wouldn't have any capacitycosts as long as it is inside that slot. If you put it outside of the slot it will of course have the 9 capacitycost that all augment share, clear enough for ya?

And just as a addition, let us put augments in the exilus slot!



If you somewhat agree with my Suggestion. Please leave a like, so DE might actually see this. And post potential ideas regarding this or question in the comments.

Thank you for listening. I hope RNG finds you well Tenno! :highfive:

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