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What graphics settings should i use to stream?



Sometimes i try to stream and for some reason my game turns extremely laggy (FPS)

My pc specs are:

CPU: i5-3470 (Just enough to dont have any bottleneck with my 1060)

GPU: GTX 1060 3GB

Memory: 8GB DDR3

My internet is most of the time around 15MB of download and 2MB of upload and i use Streamlabs OBS

My OBS settings are:

Encoder: NVENC

Resolution: 1280x720

Rate Control: CBR

Bitrate: 2000

My ingame graphics settings are the "High" Preset but with Local Reflections, Blur Reflections, Glare, Film Grain, Depht of Field, Motion Blur and Bloom Off, an also, Geometry Detail, Particle System Quiality, GPU Particles, Shadow Quality and Texture Memory on Medium

Should i change something?




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7 minutes ago, SUMega said:

2MB of upload


Bitrate: 2000

This may be a bottleneck

7 minutes ago, SUMega said:

Sometimes[...] my game turns extremely laggy (FPS)

CPU: i5-3470

I have an i5-4690K OC and warframe sometimes reaches up  to 90% without streaming...not sure if you should stream in the first place

Just now, SUMega said:

How much bitrate should i use then?

I am no professional but it was advised to me to use half your upload at max

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Your upload is big question, PC is ok, but that is your biggest problem mate, if u can buy better internet package where u can got minimum 3.5 Mb/s upload that can save you alot then u can streamed without any problem.

Download doesnt means nothing like Upload, cuz u uploading your game to Twitch/Youtube for your viewers, more upload means faster and clearer stream for audience.

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