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Purest Black Color In Shadow Pallet (Bottom Left Corner) Bugs With Energy Theme.


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If i chose to have my warframe/weapons the purest black color from shadow pallet all the arrow traces from bow for example disappear completely. Same goes for my warframe nova when i use the null star or Molecular prime it will not make some awesome black mist but instead will not show any mist at all. Please Do have a look at that color and fix it.


PS: Another example of it being bugged If i use black coloring on energy with my Dread the chord from bow disappear completely aswell.

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It's not bugged.. its the way the game handles colour as energy colours. Black is basically not a colour and so dark that the glow of the erngy colour which depends of the base colour is nearly invisible because there is nothing to make glow in the first place if you use the darkest black.


So basically.. energy colour is the colour you choose as a glow.. and nothing can glow black

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