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Operator cosmetics concept: Vallis Wildlife Costumes


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How cute would it be to be able to dress your operator as a Pobber? A Virmink? A Kubrodon? Or even a Bolarola?

The Business could easily source ethically-made synthetic furs and materials to provide us with the plush, warm, and oh-so adorable fluffy looks of various Vallis wildlife as a show of appreciation for our efforts in preserving the various species of the Orb Vallis.

Each costume piece could be purchased from The Business for a certain amount of wildlife tags corresponding to the family of the costume (For example, there'd be one Virmink set that you could purchase with tags from any of the virmink sub-species).

Why only one suit per species? Because we can apply our own colors to them in customization, of course! Optionally there could be different suits for the different subspecies if such changes in pattern/texture are big enough to warrant it, but to start just one one suit each would be enough.

Optionally also have adornments/skins for amps that also cover them in a furry paw/claw to help them blend with the suit. Pew, pew, Virmink is gonna scwatch yew oWo (I feel so dirty after typing that, help me...)

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