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Revive System Flaw I Believe. Possible Exploit.


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Well I know that we have a total of 4 revives daily. And if you use one, and upon a server reset, it resets one revive.


However I think your system is broke and nobody has said anything about it. I'm not sure if you did this intentionally, or you overlooked it. But I've checked this, each and every warframe has a total of 4 revives separately, I noticed this, when this morning I died on my rhino in a high tier defense, went to go switch to my trinity and realized I had 4 full revives again, switched back to rhino, and now only having three. You might want to check this, as this is a major possible revive exploit I happened to find while modding out each and ever warframe I own. So i'm not having to place mods when i need to switch fast for a different mission. I just remember it being only 4 by account not my individual warframe. I mean I could have been like anyone else, and never reported it. But I think you should be aware of it, and it should be fixed, as it really screws DE over on the revival plat spending and whatnot, as someone can just switch warframes and nearly have unlimited revives for the whole 24 hours.

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Well that was supposed to be a joke.

Anyway if they're not able to improve with 4 lives a day, they'll prob never do!  :D
+ They should just care a bit more about bullets/lasers/etc that way lol
++ I've seen so many peeps using lvl 1 frame at lvl 50+ def missions...

eStecko: Mustache!!!

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