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Dojo Zoo!


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With all these adorable creatures in Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon, I think we deserve a new room for our dojos. One which we can add fish and animals to, so I can feed the fishy, or pet a kubrodon. Seriously, you all know you want a petting zoo added.

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You reckon you could make it even better by turning this entirely cosmetic room into some sort of resource income to cover a small amount of the dojo cost?

Send your own unused pets on a salvaging mission with dozens of your other clan members to cover some of the resource cost from decoration/room/research or in order to salvage some "unique" free to place decorations.

Making large daily dojo visit more of a thing, making decorating efforts somewhat more recognized and giving you that petting area that you want.

I'll take that.

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