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I Present You... Gram Prime


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Gram is meant to be a Demonic Sword (if I remember correctly) but yours look like a Holy one

Gram is a big plasma sword, nothing demonic about it.


Prime weapons don't look holy, they look like fancy cyberpunk weapons. They tend to look like something from Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.


Just say no to magic!

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Does not look like Gram at all. The one things Primes do always that they represent the normal version quite a lot but in visuals they differ in some ways. So the outlines should remind the ones of the Gram or similar looks but not that much of a different look.

For example think of Orthos and Orthos Prime. What is the main difference? Colors and the blades on the edge. Paris and Paris Prime? A bit more massive core but that is about it. Latron and Latron Prime? Yeah you got the idea. Not too much alteration in the looks between the two versions if you take a closer look at them. Now what does Gram and this have in common? The size could be only one if it were scaled correctly but that is about it. See the colors of a weapon does not make it fit as a Prime. As cool looking as that sword is, there is no other weapon resembling it in this game so that instantly makes me feel something is off, it does not belong here, it does not fit the kind of art style this game has.

So what I mean about all my comparisons. If you look at the Latron Prime and know about normal Latron, you can tell they are most likely same weapons, maybe different versions, maybe a skin or a similar kind of weapons. When I look at Gram, with it's makeshift art style, it's hugely improvised inner blade and highly futuristic, high level technology outline blade and look at this " Prime " version, I see nothing in common other than the fact that they are both swords.

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That seems El´Druin  Sword of the old Archangel of Justice Tyrael, Now the only mortal embodying Wisdom in the Angiris council of the High Heavens with his former eternal brothers.


BTW Angelic sword not matching Gram´s name lore.

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I don't agree with an medieval /fantasy look in warframe.

The Gram is my favourite melee weapon but I would be hugly disappointed if the Prime version would look like that.


Sorry but thanks for the effort :P

You took the words out of my mouth. My feelings exactly.

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