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New mission consept


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Large excavation.


Simmilar to a Excavation mission crossed with a Control point, I think its what its called, where you defend four points, your objective is to capture and hold four points, each holding a drill machine like in the excavation missions, These points can be destroyed. 

If you are to lose one, there is a terminal you can find apon the start of the next wave to replace it, but will produce an A wave reward for this wave before syncing up with all the other excavators. Depending on mission difficulty, you can have up to 4 to 2 replacement excavators.

Running on five minute timers to devide the waves up into their A,B,C, and D loot table drop system, you have to obtain power cores from enemies and keep the excavator's powered. Every five minutes. Rewards as fallowes. This will be based on low level systems so keep that in mind.

For every excavator left standing and/or active, you get 200 cryotic each, meaning you can earn up to 800 every five minutes.

For every excavator left standing and/or active, you get one loot table reward. Meaning if all four are standing, you can get up to four rewards every five minutes.

Now for losses.

When you lose an excavator, you not only lose a fraction of the power, for example being at 100% is now downed to 75%, but you have lost how much max power you can have, meaning 75% is now your max.

Restoring the excavator will keep max power at what the loss is, as exampled above, but if kept alive for four waves, will restore it back to 100% power if it was just the one lost.


Mecanics for multi and solo play.

To make this a bit fair for those who want to play solo for this, you can do so. The number of active exavators will be based on the number of players in the party. The way around this is to acsess the terminal beside the excavator that is not active and turn it on. Though keep in mind doing this might lead to bitting off more than you can chew. this way you are not failed because you couldn't defend all four by your self, or let three get destroyed leaving you to walk on the wire, but if one is destroyed you should rush to the next to defend it from the same fate.


These missions are not ment to replace the excavator missions, but add a new mission that I feel would be quite rewarding. Housed in a large open space ment to devide up the frames, it is recomended to go in with four players, but as said for how this mission would work, it is worth noting that the choice between going all in or keeping one is simple.


By the way, this mission is open to all three factions. Corpus, Granieer, and infested.


Let me know what you think or if there is somthing I missed, or maybe if you have an idea to improve apon this one.

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Very detailed. Its an okay idea but i have no desire to see such a thing in game as we already have interception missions and i dont need any more cryotic. 

Needs more uniqueness to add some flavor to it for me. I have been playing warframe daily for a very long time so the repetitiveness doesnt bother me to much BUT i do crave something new always as i believe others do. Would say try to focus on that.


Some new ideas for missions to me would be a puzzle like mission, new boss missions where youre fighting more than one, and a mission that askes you to simply survive a constant spawning of enemies until the timer runs out, its like defense except there is no objective, not many places to run to, and the enemies keep coming with no breaks and increasing difficulty. Orb vallis kind of does this but meh, could be a cool mission too. There are many ideas that of course require time to think about. Most things worth making are not gonna pop into your head the 1st 5-10mins.

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I have been thinking on a few puzzle missions but they end up becoming "Oh god, I just as well go to the #*!%ing moon." because it involves parcore or having some item on you.

I hate my brain goes that way because I was thinking of one that would be interesting involving the corpus, basicly it would be a way to get a crap tun of resorces like oxium but I soon realized I planned it so you would need a frame that could teleport, a volt, and posibly titania to do it.

I mean, it would be nice to plan it ahead but knowing warframe, you would set up the party, charge in, and fifteen runs in you are still trying to get to the puzzle, and there is so many frame team combinations... well... I think you get the idea.

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)Solevnt_Golem said:

I mean, it would be nice to plan it ahead but knowing warframe, you would set up the party, charge in, and fifteen runs in you are still trying to get to the puzzle, and there is so many frame team combinations... well... I think you get the idea

Of course, but dont give up as of course your puzzle can use nullifiers that remove player abilities. Whatever you dont want, you can make enemies or enemy equipment to remove what you dont want players doing to add the difficulty you desire

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There was one idea I had a while back, maybe we can pass back and forth a bit.


In short, You are playing as your operator form. It is ment as a stealth mission that you can only do as this form. It is located on Lua, and your objective is to break into  a few vaults that hold randome but rare items, like mods, rellics, or other things. What would make this interesting is you can take over certin things and control them. For example, you know how the Zenduka was made out of frame parts? I am basicly using the logic that maybe there is enough there for you to take full control, but not for long though.


That is about all the chunks I have added up at this point of time. I played around where maybe you can mess with old tec to make your life easier, but I am not sure how posible that would be.

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