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NSW forum profile bug


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Hi i believe I have a forum profile bug where my NSW forum profile has merged with my PC forum profile as shown below.  

The photo shows the NSW profile as date joined on July 22nd which shouldn’t have been possible with the NSW tag only being made available in November. Note that my original NSW forum profile was created on November 29th.

Although my current profile name when logging in via Nintendo Switch is exactly the same as my original NSW forum profile I don’t get any of the messages or notifications linked to my original NSW forum profile. They are seemingly now two separate NSW accounts with the same name, it’s possible for me to send a message to myself. My current concern is that I’m clan leader on my Nintendo account so I’ve no access to clan notifications, in fact I have to apply to my own clan. Update by making my bugged NSW as clan leader I'm still able to recruit.

Note that I still have access to my original NSW account only via my PC before the login bug occurred, the login is saved so I definitely won’t sign out of it until this issue is resolved. This scenario is not ideal as I use my phone for much of the forum browsing. UPDATE I no longer have access to my original NSW account so I'm unable to change my clan recruitment page details linked below or read messages, the details are a few weeks out of date.



Please help I just need the NSW account created in July to be removed so I can log in normally to my original NSW account.

Thank you.

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