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Issues with Seimenai map node: bug causing choke point


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Hey guys, love the game...beyond awesome.  Noticed a bug happening after a recent update to the Seimenai tile set where the rails holding the warframe crypod have been electrified to disable people from standing on them.  The issue is where the rails start near the stairs on the other side of the map, across from the spawn area.  It ends up creating a dmg AOE around the start of the stairs, which is trapping all kinds of allied stuff in that area.  Tenno by large can avoid it because they're all super frogs, but player companions are constantly going down, where the team goes to revive them, but if the owner doesn't immediately move from the area, the companion goes down again, creating a perpetual cycle of misery, forever agitating the short temper of the tenno; causing rage quits, shattered controllers and broken smart monitors.  Might be better to start the electricity just after the top of the stairs, maybe 10-15 to the edge of where the trolley stops in the location movement cycle.  Thanks!!


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