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[Suggestion] 3D Vision HUD improvements


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I would like to suggest some improvements on the HUD for stereoscopic 3D users (Nvidia 3D Vision)

At the moment, everyhting on the hud (health/shield stats, minimap, chat box, crosshair, waypoints etc) is displayed on a 3D plane located a few centimeters in front of your character.
While it looks very cool to see all this information floating in a nice place, I would like to suggest a few improvements.

  • Crosshair (and scopes)

The main one is the crosshair. I would love it if you could modify the crosshair's behaviour to help us 3D users aim better.
There are various strategies for aiming in 3D stereo. But since your game isn't designed from the ground up to support 3D stereo, I think the most efficient way to improve things would be to collimate the crosshair on a different plane than the standard HUD plane.

The crosshair does not need to track the target distance like a laser sight, some people like it but I personally don't, I find it distracting,
(if you do implement a laser sight crosshair, some people will love it but please provide a selectable option to turn it off).
I find it best to have the crosshair at a fixed distance but farther away. I does not need to collimate at infinity, but it should be set at the typical distance where most of your enemies would be. The effect would be similar to a hologram red dot sight, but with the actual crosshair graphics instead. 

  • Targets (navigation, objective markers, user markers)

At the moment, all targets are collimated on the HUD plane regardless of the actual distance of objects or whether the target object in in sight.
It would be great if you could make these targets actually track their actual position in the distance instead of floating on the 2D plane.

  • Mouse cursor

At the moment, the mouse cursor is drawn on the screen's plane. (the actual 2D plane : Z-depth = 0)
However, menus are drawn floating in space. Most are tied to objects such as desks, terminals, the market screen in your orbiter, etc... but the options menu is also floating in space (and it's tilted at an angle, which looks rather cool).
As a result, when using stereo 3D, the mouse cursor position does not match with the position of the actual interface and it makes it difficult to aim a specific item. (more difficult for managing the options than most of the game's menus since most of the interfaces have very large buttons)
It would be great if you could project the mouse cursor on the actual planes where these menus are located (the same effect as when interacting with computers in Doom3)


Thank you for reading.

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