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Is it me or are the enemies surprisingly powerful


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Now before anyone says anything, let it be known that this is not a rant about how they should render the enemies useless, but it's just something I thought I'd say since I've kind of noticed it and was just curious as to whether other people have. 

I was playing as my blessing trinity during a solo bounty and noticed that the enemies were really tearing me apart, keep in mind that my trinity had a 75% damage reduction (blessing) as well as an extra 75% due to me using link and a 'stand united' aura (maxed) just to top it all off and yet I was still getting knocked down in about 4 shots, ths could be due to the puncture proc but even then I wasn't actually getting a proc notice at the top of my screen.

this has pretty much made melee weapons really risky to use, especially if you are up against a bursa, then it becomes a game of pinball as you are helplessly launched into the sky, landing with a thump which causes you to remain still for a second which is just enough for any nearby enemies to simply two shot you.

Anyone else noticing this, or am I just struggling to adapt to this sudden change of pace? I mean I'm up for a challenge, but this really is kind of a step up

(oh and P.S: Before somebody says something annoying like 'just use insert cheap frame here' or 'get gud man', I am not going to play a cheap frame just to go on Fortuna, and I have been playing this game for long enough to know what each one of my abilities do and how to mod in order to improve the effects of them. so please, for the love of god, if you're going to start an argument, at least use constructive criticism)

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