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List of useful mods?



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I'll give it a shot:

Fleeting Expertise, Transient Fortitude, Overextend, Blind Rage, Narrow Minded, Natural Talent, Quick Thinking, Power Drift, Cunning Drift, Speed Drift, Augur Message/Reach/Secrets, Constitution, Vigor.

Also Auras like energy siphon, corrosive projection, steel charge, rejuvenation, loot radar, and the speed one that I can't remember the name atm, but these spam on alerts and should be fairly cheap, like 5p or 10p max.

I'm skipping the basics flow/intensify/continuity/stretch/streamline because they're farmable and easier to acquire than the vault mods I listed, but primed versions of flow and continuity are always a safe bet too.

Hunter munitions, vigilante armaments, primed cryo rounds, split chamber, rime rounds, malignant force, high voltage, thermite rounds, shred, heavy caliber, for rifles.
Primed point blank, primed ravage, primed charged shell, hell's chamber, shell shock, scattering inferno, frigid blast, toxic barrage, blaze, chilling reload, seeking fury, vicious spread, for shotguns.

Lethal torrent, barrel diffusion, primed pistol gambit, primed target cracker, primed heated charge, frostbite, pistol pestilence, scorch, jolt.

Primed reach, primed pressure point, primed fever strike, virulent scourge, volcanic edge, vicious frost, voltaic strike, berserker, blood rage.

For the primed mods, it's always easier to just get the more common counterpart and buy the prime from Baro when he happens to have it, buying them from trade chat will take some plat, also the dual stat mods are not that hard to farm from spy missions, only jolt and voltaic strike are expensive because they only come from Baro, the other two come from naeglar (I think that's what it's called), but the grind can get really long, so you may end up buying them from Baro or TC, other ones, are nightmare mods, that stay around 10/15p max, armaments can be easily farmed whenever the ghoul event is running and munitions is from the plague star iirc, but could be bought at around 10p.

I think that would be all I can think of atm,

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10 minutes ago, (XB1)BushfireBunyip said:

a list of the most useful mods

That kinda varies between different Frames / weapons / whatnot, not to mention personal preferences,
so that very well might end up being a huge complicated list that I'm too lazy to even attempt right now 😛

But I guess you could take a look at Warframe Builder and see what Mods keep popping up when you "Search Builds" there.

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A few ones not mentioned:

Growing Power and Power Donation are more esoteric aura mods. Also the weapon-specific ones in Dead Eye and Pistol Amp are sometimes useful. Rage/Hunter Adrenaline (which do the same thing) are useful on some builds for energy regen on taking damage, and Energy Conversion is useful for primarily toggled abilities. Equilibrium and Health Conversion are useful on Nekros. And there are all the warframe augments, of which you should google which are useful (or look up specific builds).

Primary: Argon Scope, Sweeping Serration, 

Secondary: Vile Acceleration

Melee: Condition Overload, Drifting Contact, Life Strike, Maiming Strike

Companions: Fetch, Vacuum, Animal Instinct, then whatever helps them survive. Bite and Medi-Ray are the only really rare mods that get used, and Tek Enhance is useful for kavat buffs.

Not mentioned are all the basic damage%, crit chance/damage, and 90% elemental mods. Also the silence mods for stealth (Hush, Silent Battery, Suppress). I also skipped a lot of weapon-specific mods, like all the various augments, Covert Lethality (daggers), Concealed Explosives (kunai), the glaive mods, and all the melee weapon stances.

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