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Boss And Stalker ?



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It's completely random chance. You can kill six different bosses in a day and not see Stalker until one or two days later. If you aren't playing for a few weeks, and then start doing a lot of missions, he can even come after you then, despite so much time passing since you made a kill.


Basically, a boss kill does not guarantee a Stalker spawn, nor is there a specific time that must pass before he comes after you.

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I did find that the stalker would show up inconveniently when I was trying to level lower gear. the stalker mechanic seems to have changed, I thought it used to be you'd run into him once after fighting a boss, but now it seems that he keeps track of several bosses. I haven't fought many bosses lately, but I ran into the stalker 4 times, 3 of which while solo running in the void (which wasn't a problem, and he was only level 45, I was insulted! then again, it was void tier 2). I believe he was avenging tyl regor, phorid, nef anyo, and tyl regor. not sure about the first one, but I was fighting him a lot until I finally got ash helm, so it would make sense. the point being that I hadn't run any bosses between those four fights to provoke the stalker, so it appears that he keeps a backlog

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