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Can't host anymore and other oddities...


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I was able to do so a while ago, but for a few weeks it seems to be impossible.

Things to note here is that it occasionally worked, however the last time people said they had 5k pings and after that game I checked my router, which seems to be about to die because it has very "low" bandwidth compared to a direction connection to the modem. The latter is what I now connect to from the PC, however it did not fix my hosting issue unfortunately. When I start games, no one will ever join, when the game starts me as a host while being in a group before that I end up in a solo instance and kicked out of the party (others land on the orbiter I think), when host migration picks me after the initial host goes for whatever reason then the same thing happens and I'm alone again... Another thing to note is that since then I also have the phenomena that I automatically get kicked out of every group after a game as soon as I am back in the orbiter. At first I thought maybe people all just have SSDs and are faster, but previously I often were the first one who would leave the groups, or somewhere in between - but not last with everyone else leaving at the same time.

I also have an issue that might be related to match making / hosting in that I very often cannot skip the intro cinematic. I get the prompt but after confirming it nothing happens, I see my party and me dropping down and when I get control everyone else is already at the other end of the map.

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