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Syndicate missions detract from daily standing

(XBOX)Curse of Doom

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I've just noticed this now after Fortuna's release, although I hadn't done syndicate missions for a while before it.  It is definitely not how things used to work (I used to run the syndicate missions a lot over the last year).

Previously, the mission standing reward for the daily missions didn't count against the daily standing, but it is now subtracting from it (and in a way that makes it either a bugged implementation or a flat out bug).

If one has a matching sigil and mission, the total amount of that syndicate standing gained gets subtracted from the daily limit.  If the sigil grants half standing to the mission target, the total amount that the mission target standing increases is subtracted (so Mission Reward + 50% of XP gained).  Even if this is the new design to limit syndicate gains, more standing can be gained by running mismatched syndicates than matched ones.  In fact, although I haven't tested, it might be possible to overreach the limits by running a syndicate mission that doesn't gain anything from the sigil you are wearing.

There are at least 2 PC based bugs filed on this already, the older one being:


and the other


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