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Fortuna bonus mission and rivens


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So ive noticed after doing some fortuna missions that there are certain ones, usually involving a drone, that has the bonus requirement that it takes NO DAMAGE to complete. conversly, ive had several riven mods that tell me i have to prevent a defence objective thats lvl 30 or higher from taking 'damage' 

the pproblem with this is that in Fortuna u can get the bonus as long as the RED HEALTH does not deplete, yet on the plains, or in a plantetary defence mission this condition doesnt matter. ANY stray shot is enough to make you fail(and prolly rage quit).

can someone else confirm this? i dont know if this is a bug or a feature, if its a feature then PLEASE roll it over int oriven challenges, im currently sitting on 2 rivens i cant unlock. not fun DE

EDIT: also does using energizing dash count as a "energy consumable"?

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