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So I got 2nd shock spear......


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Also got me the lure for Bola's so I went out to OV solo to try them out...  Check the weather on the advanced map and its already freezing which means its like 10 or less minutes till warm weather.... 

I fish for cold water stuff in the coolant lake...  I thought the new spear would just auto-capture everything around the fish you targeted but no it just stuns them.  Stun as in still allows them to move.   It would be cool if there was a super small sweet spot that would auto-capture nearby fish but whatever.  I also dont remember what happens if you spear a stunned fish.  Dont remember if you have to zap them to....  spearing them should be enough if they are already stunned..... 

But my main point is the warm weather came... I decided to get out further into the lake on a little rock but nothing would show up.  Then i went over to a bigger island and nothing.   Then I raced back to where I was catching fish before the warmth and nada.... wtf.....

Either the 2nd shock spear cant summon fish in warm weather(it can in cold) or my hoverboard humming was preventing fish from showing up.  Or it was an issue of having the spear equipped, using the K-drive, and then getting off the K-drive (and the spear not being able to summon fish after.)  I was there from beginning to end of warm  weather and I didnt see one damn fish(in the lake).


This brings me to a side issue.   What EXACTLY triggers fish being summoned?   Do you just have to equip a spear?  Do you have to look at the water??  Do you have to have your spear in a ready position?   How far away from the water can you be??     Because it feels WRONG whatever method is being used.  

Even @PoE I struggled with this.  It seems like you have to be extremely close to the surface of the water.  Ready position seems to help...  If you are trying to fish from higher up on a hill or rock or something it feels like nothing even happens unless you look straight down.  

Bottom line its hard as hell to figure out if where you're standing can summon fish.   

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