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Infinite Gear Wheel Item Description


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This was part of the Fortuna update, but I did not think it tied close enough to Fortuna so I'm posting this here.

As far as I know, since the implementation of the infinite gear wheel, we lost the item description for all gear items while in missions. While most gear items are obvious just by the look and name, with all the new names from Fortuna, it gets hard to keep track of what does what, especially all the fishing bait.

The bait descriptions actually have useful information attached to them, describing what kind of "fishes" it attracts (for those general baits) and the location where you can find this fish. Having it listed makes it much easier to understand where you should use it for it to be effective instead of memorizing it or looking on the wiki when the information is in-game, but just not available during missions.

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Even for Cetus fishing spears, I think they lost their descriptions too in the gear wheel. Which used to at least provide a clue on which spear to be used against which fish. 


It would be good if these descriptions can be returned in some form.


Also, since Venus "fish" vary depending on cold or warm climate, it'd be nice if the underground map on Venus included a time-of-day indicator.

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