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more interesting enemies and warm rewards fortuna fortuna yumie fortunas


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well i think theres not enough interesting enemies in alot fo the games planets, that are large or vicious, the most baddest enemies are just seen as those that can take a warframe down with one bullet, or that have alot of armor, but that doesnt make them more interesting or refreshing, or more rewarding, for tuna doesnt have giant magic clowns or cookie monsters or anything interesting for cetus/relays as of yet also the ships, but that aside, the rewards and enemies should include other warm-ish things, there should be some missions that dont require the elevator, and can be triggered from the ship/relay stations & cetus, as there are no alerts or bounties/missions always up to the player to discover at their own pace- and also the free-roaming factors should at least add some free scanners and sub-tools or enhancements that are temporary, i think the minimum is to add temporary weapons, and other types of ammo, so that the players who piclk-up ammo can shoot ice-fire-or void shots withot mooding their weapons, this would make fortuna more interesting:

  • Enemies fight together gain armor regeneration, and other combat bonuses
  • Deploy, use enfeeblements against tenno, magic stops abilities, reduces movement speed, reduce rate of fire, technology against warframe / weapons /powers
  • machines can slow/stop bullet/reducing players efficiency and require cover/strategy, good for caves, machines, nests, robots and occasional Notorious Monsters/Robots features with large reward.
  • Elemental-variety. strong gusts push and pull, obstructions, and controller vibration, gusts winds, falling damage, more revives.
  • blueprints +1:  random features for duplicate rewards, unique features, blueprint master, random stats/features on reconstructed weapons/warframes, rewarding.
  • From Birth: -----reconstructing blueprints & mastery unlocks special gifts/rewards cosmetic and level related mods, etc.
  • essentially rebuilding is more exciting because the equipment is randomized or features something random/has a mod equiped, from birth
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