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K Drive grind is ridiculous


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So I've been trying to level up with the ventkids and forgive me if I'm wrong on this but the only way to do so is to do stunts on your board. While this is a nice feature it takes FAR too long to level up. I've spent hours on end in orb vallis just boarding around which gave me level 1 with them. I then found a strategy on youtube around the pearl area in circles which gives you easy fast 3k stunts and after grinding that for about 10 minutes it gave me such a small amount that it now feels like doing that ridiculous grind strategy is the only way to reliably level up.

I loved the idea of doing random tricks inbetween missions you eventually get standing with them but now it feels like something you have to go out of your way to grind to level up in. Personally I think capping the stunt score at a lower score like 1.5k or 2k and lowering the costs of everything that costs ventkid standing/buffing the multiplier of trick score to standing ratio so people who don't want to get carpal tunnel spinning around one area can actually level up with the ventkids but people who want to hardcore grind don't instantly just unlock everything

Also in one instance I grinded this trick for 30 mins and for some reason got no standing when I left fortuna, probably a bug pls fix my wrists are crying, love u guys xoxoxo

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You made the mistake of turning a fun side activity into a tedious grind, it isn't mandatory to have all the syndicates at max rank within a week of a update. I was surprised to see that I had almost enough points to reach my first rank despite spending 90% of my time wiping out like I was on a AXN show lol. Just take your time and enjoy the ride, get a group of clanmates or friends and to do races and such and you'll eventually get to max rank without much effort

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15 minutes ago, -Mogul said:

I then found a strategy on youtube around the pearl area in circles which gives you easy fast 3k stunts and after grinding that for about 10 minutes it gave me such a small amount 

Looks like you have some troubles.
I need 20 minutes for my daily 27k ventkid-standing. (This include traveling to the pearl and killing everything in that area)

Now about K-Drive:

You have to hold down "forward" all the time. (It's trivial, but someone might forget about it)
While you grind around the pearl, hold down the LMB.
When you have to jump one of these "bridges", you let go of LMB and Ctrl.
Instead of just pressing spacebar once for a jump, you double-tab spacebar. This way you do a copter-trick.
After that you press RMB for a front-flip. (because you are holding down "forward" all the time).
Then you hold down LMB again. And after you start holding down LMB, you hold down Ctrl for another grind.

The timing is key. You can't do that tricks to qickly. If you do, the system won't register every trick.
If you did it correctly, your multiplier will go up by 4.
And because you held down LMB befor Ctrl, your points will go up quite a bit.

By doing all this, you just need 4 or 5 jumps and grinding in between for 3k points. (I'm ending my combo always with 200 points and a x15 or x17 multiplier)
In order to end your combo, you just let go of Ctrl for a short period of time.

All of this needs a bit of practice, but it is doable.
The jump-mod, the gravity-mod and the magnetism-mod helped with the grind.

All of this is important for you, if you want to grind the ventkid-stuff.
If you don't want to do it, then just ignore my post.

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But if I actually do just do stunts here and there it's going to actually take me 10-15 hours of in game time just to get the blueprints of the cheapest board. Also a little update #*!% the difficulty of taking over areas, if I don't run my trinity prime I get instakilled by about 50 different flying energy sapping enemies and the giant crab #*!%s and if I don't take my max rank tryhard dps gear I can't actually kill enough of the enemies, and I don't want to have to bring in a squad just to take over an area just to go grind just because I want to get a board to change with mods sometime before 2020. It's actually infuriating, plus the enemies who can chain cc you with bounces and tazers aren't fun in the slightest and in general the whole experience seems to be screaming "JUST SPEND PLAT AND BUY THE DEAL OF THE DAY BOARD", which I doubt is DE's intention.

Like I say, I literally just spend 90% of my time in orb flying around doing tricks on the board and at that rate I'm never gonna get my own board, unless I want to spend all my time until the next update trying to clear a ridiculous wave of enemies to go grind for half an hour exiting every half an hour or so in case my internet drops out and praying it doesn't lose my standing 

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Update: Turns out you don't have to liberate the area to grind in it, still frustrating enemies though, also I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong at this point because I literally am not gaining any standing from any mission anymore

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