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Idea that might be great for Nyx's passive


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According to that guy giving suggestion, her passive should be Dominance.


Dominance increases Nyx's Power abilities depending on how many enemies affected by her abilities.


Other ideas in the video is that, all her three abilities, Mind Control, Psychic Bolts and Chaos should increased the victim's threat level or aggro like Saryn's Molt.


Mind Control (video version)


Mind Control now also gain increased damage depending on Dominance passive.


Nyx's Chaos number of enemies = Mind Control's DPS


Psychic Bolts (Nemesis Bolts, video version)


Nemesis Bolts would mark enemy so that Chaos and Mind Control victim will try to kill those marked targets, while armor strip/shield and disable ancient auras (DE's rework).


Which its great to "command" the affected enemies into attacking that specific enemies. Which is also great against Boss type considering Nyx's doesnt have that good dmg output.


Chaos leave as it is because its strong and useful to be commanded by Nemesis Bolts.

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