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Veteran Looking For Western European Clan


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I am looking for a social clan based in Western Europe and English speaking.


I am in a great clan just now but it suffers from low daytime membership which is split across continents.


I am hoping to join an advanced clan with full research done and many endgame players.


I am Mastery 10 with all frames and clantech weapons. All mods with primary ones all maxed. My frames of choice are currently Saryn, Frost prime and Rhino perhaps some Nova if the mood suits.


As I am not looking for items or unlocks I am really after teamplay and higher level def, just for the kicks.


I am a more mature British player (immature mind though), self employed and sneak far too many hours in during the day (574 so far). I play everyday and have only skipped two days since joining, once for a weekend away and the other to see if I could stop getting 10K every day for my 7 day reward :-)


Facebook and websites are not important to me but I would use them if available.


Thanks for your consideration.



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Thanks for the offer Masterchops, I was hoping for a more localised clan so I could play with all members without the lag which comes with distance (It's bad enough with Eastern Europeans on the same pool as me). And obviously the time difference.


Perhaps I should start my own? I'm unsure if there is call for it?

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