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FanFrame: Haze, the Vengeful


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An old idea I've been holding on to for a while. Figured I'd post it here just to show off my creative Tenno Spirit, if not also to see what anyone else thought of him.

Gender Style: Male
Aura Polarity: Naramon

Ideally moderate health and low shields/armor, but a high energy pool. Has one Naramon(-) and one Madurai(v) polarity.

Haze enters "Stealth Mode" if all enemies lose track of his position for more than 3 seconds. In Stealth Mode he is semi-transparent and can only be detected at a relatively close distance of 5m.

Slightly shorter than most. Haze appears to be wearing a long, heavy jacket (which is open in the front) with a hood, and a scarf wrapped around his neck. This scarf counts as a personal Syandana, and will be replaced by any Syandana you equip on him. A few alternate helmets should not remove the hood, and simply change the mask under it.

The original Haze was an otherwise unremarkable Tenno. Exceptionally talented, but exceptionally lazy, Haze would rather play games and make friends than fight the war. He was eventually placed in charge of defending a small, unimportant mining colony, and became friendly with the locals, a sickly young girl in particular, until one day the colony came under attack by an elite grineer strike force, presumably the Grustrag 3. While Haze fended off the attack alone, many colonists were lost in the fighting. In particular, the young girl had been taken by order of the Twin Queens, an earlier attempt at continuity by snatching up any individuals who showed signs of potential resurgence of orokin blood. Haze cut a bloody path through the solar system to find the Kuva Fortress, only to find the girl's life already expended in a failed experiment. Nobody knows what happened next, only that Haze was never seen again from that day forward. Some say he was killed by the Queens while distracted by his rage. Others believe he is still alive and enacting his revenge in the shadows. Yet others believe it is perhaps both, and that even in Death, his hatred persisted and brought him back as a vengeful phantom, dragging Grineer souls kicking and screaming into the void until he can finally avenge the death of the innocent...

~Lotus's Comment~
"This is Haze. The Lurker in the Shadows. The Spirit of Revenge.
Don't let his calm demeanor fool you, Tenno... Haze only knows hatred, and sees only corpses where others see threat. If his enemies are lucky, they will catch only the faintest glimpse of this hunter just moments before he mercilessly slaughters them."

~ABILITY-1: Fake-Out~ (25 Energy)
"Fake Out allows Haze to fade into darkness while sending decoys to confuse his foes. If he so wishes, he can take advantage of this chaos to eliminate a key target." ~Lotus
Haze turns invisible for 3/X/X/X seconds and creates 1/2/3/4 holographic clones of himself which charge the enemy and attack with the current melee weapon (Deinos, if none equipped). The clones are harmless and will vanish when Haze's invisibility ends, but any enemies currently distracted by them will be open to finisher prompts.

- If Haze chooses to assassinate a distracted foe, a successful finisher will immediately end the ability.
- If no enemies are currently alerted to Haze's presence, Haze will simply turn invisible without creating any holo-clones.

Successfully killing an enemy with a finisher performed on a distracted enemy will cast a radial FEAR proc to nearby enemies within a range of 3/X/X/X.

~ABILITY-2: Cloud of Haze~ (50 Energy)
"When fighting alongside his allies, Haze can deploy his signature Cloud of Haze to enshroud an area in thick smog, providing cover for his team-mates and blinding their enemies." ~Lotus
Haze tosses a smoke grenade that generates a thick fog covering a radius of X/X/X/X over the area around it for 8/X/X/X seconds. Players and friendlies within the fog are invisible. Enemies within the fog are blind (and enemies outside can't see through it). Unalerted enemies stop what they are doing to inspect the fog if they see it, but are not put into an alerted state. Only affected by Range and Duration mods.

-Enemies in the fog are open to finisher prompts from both sides, regardless of alert status.

Adds a Radiation proc to all enemies who enter the cloud.

~ABILITY-3: HookLine~ (25 Energy)
"HookLine is Haze's most versatile tool, and can be used to cling to surfaces, erect a zipline for his allies, or simply take out a key target."
Haze launches a grappling hook that can latch onto any solid surface or enemy target. When the hook has landed, press the skill button again to have Haze reel himself toward the target.
- If Haze reels himself into a wall or ceiling he will 'stick' there until he cancels the hold by pressing the jump command to fall. Haze can fire Primary/Secondaries while latched.
- Alternatively, instead of reeling himself in, Haze can press the Interact key to set his end of the hook down on the floor at his position, creating a zipline allies can use.
- If the target is an enemy, Haze automatically reels himself toward it, and backflips off the enemy to force a stumble which opens them to a finisher prompt. The hook will be automatically withdrawn during the backflip.

If Haze grabs an enemy with the HookLine, the energy cost is refunded.

~ABILITY-4: Vengeance~ (50 Energy + Drain over time)
"Let the hatred flow, Tenno. When pushed to his limits, Haze can unleash Vengeance, allowing him to recover energy from successful executions. If used wisely, Vengeance can fuel even greater bloodlust, rather than drain it." ~Lotus
When activated, Vengeance allows Haze to reap Energy from every successful finisher kill. Benefits from Strength and Duration mods, but not Range. Strength mods increase the finisher damage achieved while under the effects of Vengeance.

Allows Haze to also reap Health from successful finisher-kills.

"Haze lives not merely to kill, but to sew regret into those who arouse his ire. How will you exact YOUR revenge, Tenno?" ~Lotus, in conclusion.


~HAZE'S CUSTOM MELEE: Deinos~ (Idea for name inspired by "Deinonychus")
Weapon Type: Sparring (Hands/Feet)
Stance Polarity: Blank (Might come up with a custom sparring stance to go with these)

A hands/feet melee similar to Kogake, but dealing primarily in SLASH damage, with lower puncture and minimal impact. Deals Gauranteed Slash Procs on SLIDE and CHARGE attacks. Low crit and decent status chance.

Comes with one Naramon (-) and one Vazarin (D) Polarity.

Weapon Type: Castanas/Talon type

Castanas/Talons type weapon. Deals pure Slash damage. Very high status chance (30/45%-ish) but low crit chance. When triggered, blades swirl around and slash all targets. Silent.

Comes with one Madurai (V) and one Vazarin (D) Polarity.


Idle Stance: Haze stands slightly leaned back with his hands shoved in his coat pockets and his head bowed. This is his "default" stance for when he is unarmed or is equipped with certain weapons which he can hide in his coat (listed below as "hidden (weapon type) taunts"). After a few seconds he will do one of the following taunts.
Hidden Sparring/Fists Taunt: Haze pulls his hands out and take turns grabbing each wrist, making a gesture as if to tighten one's gloves. This is also his "Unarmed" Taunt.
Hidden Dagger Taunt: Haze pulls out his right hand, wielding the dagger in reverse-grip and brings it up to the left side of his head in a stance that appears ready to strike, before throwing his arm out to the side and then shoving his hand and the dagger back into his pocket.
Hidden Dual Daggers Taunt: Haze whips out both daggers from his pockets and flashes into a defensive stance with arms crossing over in front of his face, daggers held in reverse-grip while widening his leg stance to get lower. After looking left and right he will relax and return to his idle stance while spinning the daggers around before shoving them back into his pockets.
Hidden Pistol Taunt: Haze grabs the opening of his coat with his left hand and pulls it slightly open while digging into his coat with the right hand, halfway pulling out the pistol while glancing left and right, before pushing the weapon back inside and returning to his idle stance.
Hidden Dual Pistols Taunt: Haze grabs the opening of his coat with both hands and pulls both sides open, revealing both pistols hanging on the inside, before throwing his hands up in a "What are you going to do now!?" taunting manner as he glances about. He then fixes his coat back in place with a quick snap before returning to his Idle Stance.
Rifle Stance (Ready): While at the ready, Haze stands upright with his left side more facing the enemy and the rifle stock tucked under his right arm. If he is idle for too long he will assume the Rifle Stance (Idle).
Rifle Stance (Idle): Haze pulls the rifle up and rests it over his shoulder while shoving his left hand into his pocket, similar to his ordinary idle stance (but with one hand holding the rifle). Every so often he will twist his head around or yawn with his left hand over his face.

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22 hours ago, (PS4)GrandisSupernus said:

You've put a lot of thought into this! I don't know enough about Finisher damage to know if it's viable (or even overpowered) as a theme, but a Warframe that makes opportunities for Finishers is a clever idea. Well done.

Finishers are easily my favorite part of WarFrame, so it's only natural that I created a fanframe that incorporates ways to get more of them. ❤️

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On 2018-12-20 at 1:10 AM, (XB1)AxRollxOfxTape said:

Very interesting idea and pretty decent in theme and the abilities synergize well with the passive. I would really like to see some full stats though. Renaming of abilities to be shorter or roll of the tongue would be good as well, especially Assassins Creed. 

Thanks. I kinda don't wanna put full stats, I feel like I would mess it up and create a wildly unbalanced WarFrame, so I'm basically saying "DE, I'm leaving it in your hands to decide how to properly balance this frame's stats using the guidelines I have set". In particular I defined that he's Loki-like with an emphasis on energy capacity and low defensive stats like armor and shielding.

As for the names, I rather like them. Especially how Fake Out gets an augment called Freak Out that adds fright procs (because it just puns out so well!). I guess Grappling Hook could just be "HookLine".

I also like the name Assassin's Creed, but I'm thinking of changing what it does anyway considering that you can get roughly the same effect by just popping a Cloud of Haze. Perhaps a lifedrain effect on finishers instead of more finisher opportunities...

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- PASSIVE CHANGE: Now a passive stealth bonus that activates under specific conditions and reduces the distance over which enemies can spot him. (originally "grants 25 energy for stealth finishers")
- 1 CHANGE: Clones can no longer damage, but enemies engaging the clones are now "distracted" and open to rear finishers. Augment now casts a radial fear proc if Haze assassinates a distracted enemy.
- 2 CHANGE: Augment adds a Radiation proc.
- 3 CHANGE: Renamed to "HookLine". Augment refunds energy on snatching an enemy.
- 4 CHANGE: Renamed to "Vengeance". No longer guarantees finishers. Augment allows Haze to also gain health. Is also an energy drain-over-time skill rather than a single-cast.
- Rifle and Pistol animation descriptions added.
- Lotus commentary added.

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