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Hello. Recently I've read and viewed a lot of stuff about some lacks of WF. The vast majority of this kind of contents were crybaby-like vids (even from vets and well known youtubers/streamers) and toxic posts about "content drought" and "warframe is dying" type of thing. To me, this is a general tendency to complain for something only 'cause you have the collective *perception* that things are going worse than before when the truth is that WF was *always* been in a "content drought" or lacking "endgame" for vets. But hey, the trend is to complain for everything even if you point your finger to something that was always been there, so...
That said, after 1700+ hours spent on it, I came to the conclusion that there are three main critical issues in this game that periodically come out:

- the terrible scaling of enemies and rewards: adding more and more type of missions (eso, arbitrations, etc.), trying to give vets an "endgame" does not work, to me. Maybe the (simpler) solution is to manage and balance the scaling of difficulty and the increasing rewards a little bit on the missions and content we already have. Example: giving tons of endo and two mods in arbitrations was not a good idea to improve replayability, to me. Same for ESO: poor tilesets and really few interesting rewards. An idea that comes to mind right now while I'm writing: why not to add riven mods to the drop table to these contents?

- the lack of really interesting and rewarding contents gameplay-wise, something similar to raids in Destiny 2, just to be clear. 

- the absence of a rewarding PvP system. I know WF is mainly a PvE game, but a great PvP could be a real fun addition to the game: nothing too much complex, maybe a well designed and balanced team PvP with the usual modes we all know in the arena-like modes from other games. At this moment, instead, conclave remains unbalanced, boring and forgotten.

Maybe solving these three things, without adding more and more experimental contents (content drought...what?:-)) would prevent the crazyness we're living in the community in the last two months. Hope that helps. 

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Idk about Rivens being acquired from regular missions, even though the odds of getting something good is low they're still pretty valuable items and letting players farm them will ruin the game's economy and hurt both the players AND developers alike.

As for PvP, it doesn't necessarily have to be a violent one where Tenno kills Tenno or Warframe kills Warframe, that just doesn't go well with the game's lore at all. But there are plenty of interesting PvP games that have a Hunter vs Hunted kind of theme like Evolve or Friday the 13th, and I was hoping Stalker mode will be similar to that where we have to escape him while playing as our Operators. That way people get a PvP that wouldn't nerf all their favourite weapons into oblivion and the Operators get something to do other than break shields or act as energy pizzas 

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