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[PC] [Suggestion] [Controls] HOLD waypoint button to remove waypoint


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It's frustrating when I want to just remove a waypoint, but I can't because I'm moving. The only way to remove a waypoint is to stand perfectly still and aim at the same spot for both key presses. This is especially annoying whilst in the Archwing, but I struggle with it across all missions where I can't afford to stop moving.

It would be great if I could just hold the same button to remove my existing waypoint.

This addition wouldn't have to change the existing waypoint mechanic at all (waypoints can still be removed by tapping the waypoint button twice on the same spot).

Thanks, hope this makes sense 🙂

PS: I was told to post here instead of General. I hope this is acceptable. My original thread is here:

And I also made a Reddit post, to see how the community feels about it:


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