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Inaros the walls still do this.


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its been a while sence inaros has been a thing. yet one thign has never changed atleast for me adn taht is using your one on anything. and getting a back finsher on it. follwed by a clicping though the wall and the finisher finsihing in the wall. a commen thing that happens with daggers. my prefered finsher tool an inaros. making it impossible to move after. fora while this was fixed but it seems to be back. after you fall of the map if it does. you will appear on the ground above the area it thinks a place you where at from the finsher .... but the instant you move or even five seconds after your back in that wall in facing your aiming redicul and then stuck there any button for movement will only have you in some cases moon walk infinitnly without moving. this is the ENtire reason i stoped using Inaros a while back. this kept happing and it happens alot on sedna hydron a great place for leveling i will be making a video of this happening very soon just grabing a tool to make it ... and the process of it happening and uploading it to youtube.

this honestly needs to be fixed.

edit: actiavly trying to duplicate this is somethign the keeps failing ......... but it needs to be fixed .... and nearly is impossible to redo in solo cases of this will contue to atempt to get this small bug documented

edit: it seems to be very hard to replicate. yet hapen fequently in corridored places in the grineer ship tiles set alot. and foucuses on gettinga back finsh that clips you out of the map. wich happens more often the not when you dont actively have that happen. in other words trying for a back finsh doesnt help
and i would liek to note /unstuck wen used makes it so you are reset in position only able to walk in one direction in place with no use of you abilitys transferance or gear items. open the tab menu or the default bind of p for it. and only resets if you activly die and arnt resed. so yeah.... its sort of game breaking in the face that it makes you unable to play.

and in the two attepmts that i tryed to get fotage of this in non solo and stated i was trying to get footage that people were activly hostile in that these cases.

edit3: i just realized that i may have been reported for trying to get documenttaion of a bug...

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